As you all are very well aware, school schedules do not match work schedules for most people.  Last year, school was closed on Easter Monday, and there was no Extended Day coverage in our area either, as is true for most holidays.  Since my business, like most businesses, was open on Monday, I needed care for my son.  My sister, a speech-language pathologist at a school, did not have work that day, and kindly agreed to spend the day with my son, along with my mom, who works from home.  Unknown to us at the time, my mom had become very ill with pneumonia, and became confused/unresponsive by 10:00 AM that morning. My sister was overwhelmed chasing after my high-energy son as well as trying to figure out what in the world was happening to my mom.

Ultimately, I had to leave work to go to my mom’s house, see her and my sister off in an ambulance, and then I spent the day on the phone with my family at the hospital, while trying to entertain my son.  I really could have used a place for my son that day.  Later in the week, my retired father-in-law spent one day with my son, and my retired dad spent a second day with my son, while I was at the hospital.

Although at the time it was extremely stressful for me to do all of this juggling, I am so lucky that I have retired grandparents to jump in and help, and I really feel for other parents whose parents are still working, or who live in other cities & states.  There has to be a better solution than this.

Lesley Homer is a first time contributor to Flexable and is a working mom to a spirited 1st grader.  If you would like to contribute your #childcarefail story, click here.

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