Today, we’re sending all the love, thoughts, and cheers to all people who are moms, motherly figures, trying to becoming mothers, people who have complicated relationship with moms, and so many more.
At Flexable HQ we are a team of working moms, and so many of our caregivers are moms. It is beautiful, exciting and life-giving, but OMG IT CAN BE SO HARD. And in so many different ways. We’ve gotten to share the ups and downs with each other, and we are so grateful to watch a culture of support and friendship grow here.
We are honored to partner and work with so many businesses and organizations run by moms and for moms, to be surrounded by so many working moms that inspire us, and be in solidarity with all of the people working to make work + life fit for working moms here in Pittsburgh and beyond. Without them, we couldn’t do what we do.
If you, in any way shape or form, consider yourself a mom — you are amazing.
If you have a mother of some kind in your life — find a real, genuine way to support them and do it! (Now. Without being asked. And preferably, not just one day of the year.)
The Flexable Team

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