Flexable Certified Caregivers™ undergo a 6-point vetting process and arrive on-site with standardized kits containing both play and safety equipment, ensuring a fun, safe environment for kids while parents get work done.


Flexable has full liability insurance coverage, ensuring a safe, high-quality experience for customers, parents, caregivers, and children.


Flexable uses existing space within an office, hotel or meeting ares, such as a conference room. This allows for maximum accessibility for customers, caregivers and staff.


Our warm, friendly, and engaging caregivers go through a 6-point vetting process, continuous safety training, and full background checks.

On-site childcare that’s easy, on-demand, and safe.

Woman Reading Book to Child

1. Custom Set-up

We work with workplaces and event organizers to have on-site childcare at times when you need it most like in the office for school closures and at evening events, saving you time, money, and stress.

2. Quality Care

Our 6-point vetted caregivers arrive on-site with everything needed to provide safe, fun, quality care- from age-appropriate activities to safety equipment. You arrive at work or the event with your children in tow, and pick them up at the end of the day!

3. Work + Life Fit

Time and time again, childcare is a barrier for parents. It doesn’t have to be. With Flexable’s on-site care, you won’t have to continue searching for the elusive work-life balance, because we make work + life FIT better.