Do You Have Employees Working from Home with Kids? Childcare Breakdowns Have Huge Impact

Are you wondering how you can better support your employees while they’re working from home with kids? What about offering the employee benefit of childcare? Since 2016, Flexable has been on a mission to create innovative childcare solutions to help Life + Work Fit together better. Through a B2B2C offering, Flexable provides working parents and businesses that support them, on-demand, safe, trusted childcare. Kids have fun and learn while parents get the employee benefit of continuing to work guilt-free.

Flexable is childcare provider that pairs highly vetted hosts with kids ages 3 – 10 years old for on-demand, virtual childcare anytime, for your staff when it’s needed. We offer engaging, enriching content guaranteed to entertain children like magic, acting, and trivia delivered in small groups or 1:1 for 30 or 60 minutes while your staff takes an important meeting or customer phone call.

Providing employees with virtual childcare from Flexable hosts gives them the opportunity to focus fully on the tasks at-hand or an important meeting while their children are fully entertained in a safe environment. Employees will be thrilled to know that their children are learning and growing while having fun in the process.

Most importantly, virtual childcare options mean that children and parents are kept safe from contracting COVID-19. When children attend traditional childcare facilities families are leaving themselves open to potential exposure but with Flexables services, that risk is non-existent. In addition to being safer for children and families, it also ensures a strong and healthy workforce to keep your business booming.

Flexable has provided on-demand childcare for hundreds of organizations, supporting thousands of working parents around the country. Let us help you! Click here to speak with us about our company offerings.

Impact of parents working from home with kids
Cost to Companies of employees working from home with kids

Flexable’s On-Demand, Virtual Childcare Supports  Parents Working at Home with Kids by Filling in the Gaps

1:1 care. A circle with a woman reading a kid a book on their lap
  • Customer meetings
  • Job interviews
  • Remote work
  • Fully vetted, background-checked caregivers
  • Great for back-up care and last-minute work meetings
Group Care. Image in circle of Young woman working with baby on her knees
  • Team meetings
  • Trainings or conferences
  • Networking events
  • Themed-based, hosted activities
  • Small groups, only 5 – 6 users
  • Kids can socialize with peers