At Flexable, our goal has always been to make Work + Life Fit. Since 2017, we’ve provided safe, onsite childcare at more than 1,500 events and office locations around the country. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, working parents are juggling a lot. They are now responsible for working from home, childcare, homeschooling, and so much more. As working parents ourselves, we'll be the first to admit. This is hard.

That's why we created Flexable Virtual MiniCamps.

What are Virtual MiniCamps?

Flexable Virtual MiniCamps are 30 minute to one hour online, interactive and engaging video chat sessions led by a trusted and vetted Flexable Virtual Host.

A schedule of engaging content keeps children ages 3 -10 connecting and growing at home while providing parents a brief reprieve for work or self-care.

Whether parents are hosting a virtual event or have a company all-hands meeting, Virtual MiniCamps can help attendees stay focused and productive.

How does it work?

After signing up, we’ll send parents a list of materials needed and a Zoom conferencing link. Then, after logging in with a password-protected link at the scheduled time, their child will join other kids their age for a 30-minute to one-hour session guided by a Flexable Virtual Host that has all the same background checks and clearances as our trusted on-site Flexable Caregivers.

Throughout the session, kids actively participate by answering questions, getting to know (and see!) each other, and even getting out of their seat to stretch or dance along to music. Parents get focused time for conference calls or other important to-dos.

Care that’s easy, on-demand, and safe.

Child holding up paper with crayon drawing

1. Custom Set-up

We work with workplaces and event organizers to have care at times when you need it most like during your weekly team meeting or when your team is transitioning back to the office, saving you time, money, and stress.

2. Care When and Where You Need it Most

The world is quickly transforming around us, and we're here for you as your workplace transforms too. Whether you're supporting your remote team, or helping team members transition back into the office, we can help.

3. High Quality

Our caregivers have background checks and clearances, and undergo training to ensure a safe, high quality and above all fun experience for children!

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